Success Stories

IVF Success Rates

We have consistently achieved high success rates for over a decade (2009 – 2019). Our team of passionate health professionals have the expertise in providing you with personalised care to give you the best chances of conceiving. We believe that attention to detail, individualized care and dedication of the staff contributes to our excellent success rates.

MotherToBe addresses 40% of patients who have had several failed IVF cycles elsewhere.

MotherToBe follows evidence based treatment, Transparency & Ethical Practices and handles the high risk cases with ease.

IVF success rates at MotherToBe

Blastocyst Pregnancy Rate in women < 35 years 65%
Pregnancy Rate in women < 35 years of age 60%
Donor Egg Conception 80%
Frozen Embryo Transfers – pregnancy rates 70%

* Transfer of two good embryos

The above reflect general success rates of our clinic, it is imperative to discuss individualized success rate with the doctor.

Here are the success stories of some of our patients in their own words

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