Freezing Eggs

Egg freezing (Oocyte cryopreservation)

With advancing female age, both the egg number and quality deteriorates. The process of Egg freezing is based on preserving their own eggs in healthy condition until ready to conceive later in life. There are many myths attached to the process of Egg freezing. However at MotherToBe Fertility Centre, the counseling session creates confidence which can help the women to undergo this process easily. We have the expertise and the technology to offer these services to women and till date have offered these services in the context of both oncology and social egg freezing.

Best Egg Freezing Centers in Hyderabad
Egg freezing for cancer patients prior to starting chemotherapy to preserve fertility.

For women who are about to start chemotherapy which can render a woman menopausal (stoppage of periods with no chance of pregnancy). It is important to offer this fertility preservation option to these women prior to starting chemotherapy so that their fertility is preserved.

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