PreConception Counselling Clinic

PreConception Counselling Clinic

Meeting with health care professionals before trying for pregnancy is referred to as preconception counselling. It helps to identify any risk factors and treat any kind of medical problems involved or related to women’s fertility.

Nearly one half the pregnancies are unintended therefore preconception counselling should be considered as an integral part of healthcare for women of reproductive age.

Pre Conception Counselling Clinic

Role of preconception counselling clinics

These clinics aim at dealing with common issues in preconception that involves family planning, achieving an ideal body weight, detection and treatment of infectious diseases, updating appropriate immunizations and reviewing medications for teratogenic effects.

Women opting for pregnancy are advised to maintain their hemoglobin levels and take folic acid supplements in order to prevent neural tube defects. Any vitamin or mineral deficiency is corrected through proper diet and supplements.

They also aim at controlling any chronic disease conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and seizure conditions in order to facilitate smooth and safe pregnancy.

Challenges involved in preconception counselling

The common CHALLENGE to preconception counselling is that most of the pregnancies are unplanned.

Nearly one half the pregnancies are unintended therefore preconception counselling should be considered as an integral part of healthcare for women of reproductive age.

Another most common problem is most of the women do not realize and understand the benefits of preconception counselling. As a result, these individuals take their biological conditions for granted and fail to analyze any underlying problems.

Steps involved in preconception counselling

What to expect at the clinic:

  • Questionnaire – the partners are asked about their previous medical H/O, previous pregnancies, menstrual history, contraceptive use, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), Pap smears and vaginal infections. Along with this the patient’s family history, lifestyle, workplace atmosphere etc is taken into consideration.
  • Physical assessment/lab tests
  • The couple is counselled regarding fertility awareness.
  • Based on the results of the above examinations the patient is then advised to make some lifestyle as well as dietary modifications if deemed necessary.

During preconception screening, partners are tested for

preconception counselling in pregnancy

Thyroid disorders

Vitamin D deficiency - IVF Fertility in Hyderabad

Vitamin D deficiency

Hepatitis B&C Screening

Hepatitis B&C

preconception care treatment in Hyderabad for Rubella IGG

Rubella IgG

Blood group and Type test

Blood group and Type

Complete blood count

Complete blood count

Diabetes/Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Diabetes/Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Semen analysis for fertility potential

Semen analysis, to assess the fertility potential in the male partner.

Tests to check for ovarian reserve

Tests to check for ovarian reserve is also carried out to assess fertility potential in the female partner.


Pelvic ultrasound scan and vaginal examination (for women), which details the exact status of the uterus and ovaries and rule out pelvic pathology which might impair pregnancy chances. Cervical smear is also performed.

Areas addressed by preconception counselling clinics

  • Nutritional conditions
  • Genetic conditions
  • Environmental health
  • Fertility Issues
  • Mental health
  • Vaccine preventable diseases

Why you should consider preconception counselling

  • Preconception care has a positive effect on a range of health outcomes and prepares the couple for a healthy pregnancy.
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