International Patients

MotherToBe offers a personalized world-class medical care to its international patients and ensures that patients experience hassle free treatment in India and is committed to make them not only feel at home but also to return to their home country in good health.

MotherToBe provides the highest quality, most technologically advanced fertility treatment options for international patients. The treatment options include IVF with ICSI, IMSI, IUI, Egg and Embryo Vitrification, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis,  Egg and Embryo Donation.

MotherToBe not only offers the best possible medical care, but many other unique support services such as patient support groups, holistic care for fertility, and innovative financial options that can help you navigate confidently through this very important time in your life.

The services offered for international patients

  1. Act as a conduit between the hospital, its doctors and patients – ensuring seamless flow of information
  2. Counselling patients on stay, cost of procedures and other details
  3. Facilitation for boarding, lodging and transport
  4. Assistance in sending the medical visa invitation letter
  5. Guidance on Visa procedure & formalities
  6. Providing translation services, wherever required
  7. Assistance in FRRO (Foreign National Regional Registration Office) arrival formalities.

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