IMSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection)

Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection

At Mother To Be, we have the latest technology called Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI), which is suitable for men who have very less sperm count.

The embryologists or scientists who do I-CSI select the best sperm through the magnification. Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) represents a more sophisticated way of I-CSI whereby, the individual sperm is selected at higher magnification-6000 times as opposed to traditional I-CSI where the sperm is magnified only around 400 times. IMSI helps to assess the structure of the sperm better so that sperm with abnormalities are excluded and most normal looking sperm is used for injection.

IMSI Treatment in Hyderabad

Why perform IMSI?

IMSI is suggested to improve the fertilization rates and normal embryo development in men with severe male factor subfertility.

Who is the right candidate for IMSI?

  • Men with very high number of morphologically abnormal sperm
  • Sperm retrieved from testes
  • Poor outcomes with previous I-CSI treatments.

IMSI Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection is a variation of the ICSI procedure. MotherToBe is one of the best IMSI centers in Hyderabad that offer state-of-art IMSI treatment along with other fertility treatments

IMSI procedure is carried out using a high precision technique known as micromanipulation and the resulting embryo is then transferred back into the women’s uterus to continue its normal development as a pregnancy.

 The woman needs to undergo ovarian stimulation to prepare her oocytes/eggs for collection as similar to the standard IVF treatment plan. After the sperm collection, the sample will be washed, processed, and inspected in the hi-tech laboratory of IMSI hospital in Hyderabad to select the most viable and morphologically healthy sperm which will then be carefully injected into the retrieved egg.

Being the best IMSI center in Hyderabad, we focus on injecting the normal-looking and most-viable sperm along with good progressive movement into each mature egg. ICSI or IMSI may be usually recommended in cases of surgically retrieved sperms to achieve fertilization.

Expertise and experienced embryologists and the internationally acclaimed IMSI specialists in Hyderabad will closely monitor the fertilization process and also the development of embryos for preparation and transfer back into the woman’s uterus. If there are any surplus good quality embryos they can be frozen for further use.

IMSI is recommended to those patients who have severe male factor fertility and includes morphology factors and also the previous ICSI-Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) treatment has been unsuccessful.

MotherToBe IMSI hospital in Hyderabad has a team of medical experts, fertility specialists, embryologists whose skills are matched by their integrity & compassion.

IMIS is a modified or upgraded treatment of the ICSI technique where the sperm samples are examined under a high magnifying microscope that is almost 6000 times more powerful to better see and assess the morphology of the sperms. At a higher resolution, the embryologist at the best IMSI center in Hyderabad can identify even tiny defects in the sperm heads that are not usually visible with standard ICSI.

In essence, IMSI is a selection tool that aids embryologists to choose the optimal sperm for fertilization and ICSI. If the sperm count or motility is already too low that limits the overall number of viable sperms for ICSI and IMSI might not be suitable for them.

We are the top IMSI treatment clinic in Hyderabad that ensures expertise and precision in all the procedures and that even applied to the non-invasive tests like IMSI performed on a semen sample as an additional step in the I-CSI treatment. The common risks that are associated with the ICSI procedure are also applied to IMSI and there are no additional significant risks to the embryo or patients.

 Opinion of MotherToBe IMSI treatment clinic in Hyderabad  

IMSI is a modification of the conventional ICSI procedure and one of the major sperm selection techniques that have been recommended to potentially improve the outcomes. The key difference between ICSI and IMSI is that a higher magnification (6000 times) is used to determine the sperm morphology allowing IMSI specialists in Hyderabad to identify tiny defects in sperm heads that are otherwise not visible in the standard ICSI.

 At MotherToBe IMSI hospital in Hyderabad, our every fertility evaluation and treatment plan is uniquely tailored to meet your individual family-building needs. We boast a team of expert IVF and IMSI specialists in Hyderabad with over 20 years of combined expertise, they can provide you with confidence, hope, and reassurance in your diagnosis as well as fertility treatment.

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