Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS Treatment, Symptoms and Cure

PCOS is a very common hormone disorder, affecting close to 10% of women during their reproductive age. This is a leading cause of infertility among women.

Symptoms of PCOS:

  • Irregular periods and menstrual cycles
  • Fertility issues such as difficulty in conceiving due to problems with ovulation
  • Excessive facial hair growth and unwanted hair
  • Hair loss or acne due to higher levels of male hormones.

The other health problems:

  • Predisposition to develop Type 2 diabetes,
  • Risk of developing High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease.
Best PCOS Treatment in Hyderabad

At MotherToBe, we run a  PCOS clinic. The clinic provides effective polycystic ovary syndrome treatment and gives women access to health care providers trained in a variety of related issues including fertility, weight loss, and cosmetic concerns such as acne and excess facial hair.

  • Patients see a team of PCOS specialists in Hyderabad who are also specialized in Reproductive Endocrinology, Reproductive Medicine,  Psychology, and Nutrition.
  • We work together with each patient to formulate an individualized treatment plan.
  • Our PCOS clinic is the first in Hyderabad to bring about a multi-disciplinary approach. We involve physicians from different specialties and health care providers in treating women with PCOS.

Our team of expert PCOS specialists in Hyderabad recognizes the unique challenges associated with PCOS. Therefore, we are committed to guiding women’s health. We develop the best possible plan for their overall health and well-being.

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Meet our team of experts

Dr. Vyjayanthi best IVF Specialist in Hyderabad

MD, DGO, DNB, MRCOG, MSC (Embryology UK)

Sub-specialist in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery (RCOG, UK)

Director and Fertility Specialist, MotherToBe
Head of Department & Consultant Fertility Specialist, KIMS, Secunderabad.

Dr. Vyjayanthi has worked in the UK for 10 years in the Reproductive medicine units in Leeds and London. She has vast experience in the management of patients with PCOS having worked with Prof Adam Balen in UK who is a world authority on PCOS. She also has the prestigious Sub Specialty Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine with the RCOG in the UK. She is very experienced in managing women with PCOS, in particular, infertility related issues and has several publications to her credit in this field.

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Ph.D, Counseling Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider

Ph.D, Counseling Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider (TN, USA # 2665)

Dr. Diana Monteiro obtained her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, USA and worked as a licensed psychologist (in Tennessee, USA) before returning to India in 2008. Her ardour for providing psychological services made her initiate The Hyderabad Academy of Psychology in Vikrampuri, Secunderabad in 2009.

Dr. Monteiro is a member of the prestigious American Psychological Association and is a licensed psychologist and health service provider in Tennessee, USA. She continues to keep her US license active to ensure she stays up-to-date with current psychological science and practice.

Dr. Smitha Nalla, endocrinologist

MBBS, MRCP (UK), MRCP (Diabetes and Endocrinology)

Dr Smitha Nalla’s areas of interest include Female Endocrinology and in particular Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Having worked in multi-disciplinary clinics at Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge,UK, managing patients with PCOS, adult CAH, hypogonadism, primary ovarian failure and Turner’s syndrome. We look forward to Dr Smitha to add her expertise to the specialty PCOS/PCOD Clinic.

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"Dr Sharada Golconda - infertility specialists in Hyderabad "

MBBS DGO FIRM – Gynaecologist MotherToBe

Dr Sharada Golconda comes with a rich experience of 10+ years.  Minimal invasive surgeries ( laparoscopy and hysteroscopy ) or  keyhole surgeries are her forte. Dr Sharada Golconda has vast experience in imaging modalities like ultrasound which help her to timely diagnose and treat a variety of gynecological emergencies, ectopic pregnancy in particular. These expert skills come in handy for PCOS/PCOD and Recurrent Miscarriage Clinics She firmly believes that most conditions can be addressed through simple medicines and lifestyle changes if addressed correctly and at the apt time.

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